Ciudad Juarez on its way to become an industrial investment giant I 17 November 2023
November 17, 2023

Ciudad Juarez is one of the industrial markets bordering the United States, the most important production and consumption destination in the world.

Ciudad Juarez, along with Tijuana, Mexicali and Reynosa, has been one of the countries chosen to be the receiver of industrial real estate investments. As a result of its vocation in manufacturing and the boost it receives from nearshoring, this market continues to grow with historic increases in construction levels, especially in the south of the city.

Until the first half of the year, it was at an availability rate of 0.6 percent, however, as a result of the levels of new construction, it managed to come out in the third quarter of the year above 1 percent in the last two years, according to a report by Newmark Mexico. As of September, there were 393,438 square meters of new construction, 50 percent of which are under construction are located in the southern submarket, where land is available.

In short, the new developments will be added to the 7.7 million square meters in a market that absorbed 40 thousand square meters in just one quarter.

The history of this corridor is also complemented by the dynamics of others located on the border with the United States. However, Ciudad Juarez, along with its eight submarkets, stands out because its lease prices approached a minimum of $7 dollars per square meter, considered a high level for the city.

The dynamism observed suggests that in the first half of 2024 rental prices will reach $8 dollars per square meter, reflecting the low availability of spaces and the increasing pace of buildings, which began its upward pace in the third quarter of 2022. Its evolution reflects the momentum generated by international investments, a trend that places it in fourth position due to its inventory, if the Bajio region, which concentrates several states, in the top 10 of Mexico’s industrial corridors is left aside.

In the region, it is barely surpassed by Tijuana in its inventory, but it maintains representativeness because, like others that took advantage of the momentum of nearshoring and manufacturing, they continue to be fertile ground for different sectors that require industrial and logistics spaces in the face of the arrival of Asian companies.



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