The impact of developers on the construction of industrial buildings in Mexico I 12 Jun 2024
June 12, 2024

The arrival of nearshoring has brought great opportunities for growth in the construction of industrial buildings in Mexico. Companies are seeking to explore new investment opportunities to reach their target market and continue expanding their possibilities and opportunities. 

Therefore, development firms in Mexico have significantly increased their activity in constructing industrial buildings in the country. During the first two months of 2024, the number of industrial building construction projects showed an annual increase of 15%, indicating a strong start to the year and suggesting favorable prospects for the industrial sector, according to data provided by Solili, a platform specialized in real estate information. 

Considering all of the above, it is anticipated that this momentum will persist throughout the year, with the arrival of new investments and the implementation of additional projects that bolster Mexico’s industrial real estate sector, thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth. 

This surge in industrial buildings not only signifies investor’s confidence in the Mexican market but also highlights the increasing demand for industrial spaces both nationally and internationally. It stands as a clear testament to the dynamism and resilience of Mexico’s industrial sector, promising a bright future for economic growth and entrepreneurial advancement in the nation. 


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